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Welcome to the Simonton Lake Homeowners Association,

Simonton Lake is located in northern Indiana and is the largest natural lake in Elkhart County.  It was named in honor of Samuel Simonton in the 1800’s.

Our MISSION is to foster the safety and quality of life in our neighborhood. We strive to protect the value of our homes, the wildlife and the environment surrounding our lake, support local and state law enforcement for the safety of our families and lake visitors, and encourage active involvement in the northern Elkhart, Indiana area growth and development.

We didn’t want to be a typical board driven organization, where people often perceive that the board has political motives or individual agendas. This approach often lacks support from members and member ownership in the association. So instead we organized to be a committee driven association.

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Could we get our B Days and Anniversary Dates in the newspaper and and the website?

    May 5 Bucky

    November 1 Sue

    May 12 Anniversary


  2. I can’t ride our waverunner any more due to an injury. Hoping to find someone who will give it the time and use it deserves! Still have time to ride it this year!!!! We live on Sail Bay Court.

    2012 Yamaha VX1100B – $6500 OBO
    Hours – 22.3
    2 bumpers
    Fire extinguisher

    1 Unit Trailer – $500

    Freestanding PWC Lift – $500

  3. not sure if this is where i should post this but my neighbor lost a orange paddle boat this winter. it sat in the cat tails on small simonton till the ice was to melt. when it did a person was seen in a kayak pushing it off. would like to know where it is and return it back to its owner.

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